SWIG for Liquor Boards

  • Select individual connectors or bundle them to match your needs 

  • Note to Ontario Brewers: SWIG Connect works with The Beer Store

If your company purchases data from any of the Canadian Liquor Boards and you are tasked with retrieving, modifying, monitoring, and loading it, our SWIG Connect solution may be for you.

We have spent many years building and fine tuning a set of automated liquor board connectors, now known collectively as “SWIG Connect”.  

These software connectors:

  • Run automatically corresponding to each Liquor Board’s publishing cycle
  • Automatically re-try if a Liquor Board has technical issues, or if the data is late
  • Extract data files using each client’s login credentials
  • Send or deposit the files to a location specified by the client
  • Notify clients on the status of each job

SWIG handles all Liquor Board changes and manages the technical details.  We monitor the data feeds on a 7 X 24 X 365 basis.

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