Frequently Asked Questions

SWIG Alerts was initially built in 2011 to deliver Inventory and Product Status Alerts to sales reps at their assigned LCBO stores. Since that time, the product has grown to become a comprehensive solution covering the entire LCBO database. It now also works with other provincial liquor boards.

SWIG does not own the liquor board data, our clients do. We process and deliver data based on the LCBO Sale of Data (SOD) subscription to which each client subscribes. The LCBO provides all agents with their own inventory and sales data free of charge. Expanded datasets (including competitive data) can be purchased for a fee. Please refer to the LCBO website for details. Sale of Data (

SWIG Alerts delivers data in multiple ways to increase the touch points to your data and for convenience:

  • website
  • SWIG Explorer mobile app
  • Email

We deliver the following data based on the LCBO’s publishing schedule:

  • Daily
    • Store level on hand inventory
  • Weekly
    • Store Sales
    • Product and store updates
    • Licensee sales (for clients that purchase LCBO option 7)
    • Agency sales (for clients that purchase LCBO option 8)
    • On Order inventory (for clients that purchase the complete LCBO package)
    • In Transit shipments (for clients that purchase the complete LCBO package)
  • Each LCBO Period
    • Promotion details

We deliver the following alerts every day at the product/store level:

  • Inventory alerts (customized around your business)
  • Product listing changes
  • Stagnant inventory alerts
  • Top 20 stock out instances

SWIG Alerts is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool.  Users only need a PC or mobile device and an internet connection to access their data.  No other IT infrastructure is needed.

Yes. SWIG Alerts runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) which can accommodate large workloads. Hundreds of users run on the platform with no noticeable impact on performance.

Absolutely. Our clients range from micro breweries, wineries, and distilleries with 1 or 2 products all the way up to large multinational corporations with hundreds of SKUs. Small companies may not have the knowhow or wherewithal to make sense of raw LCBO data. We solve the problem for all our clients.

The setup process is relatively quick. An average sized company can be set up in 1-3 hours. Large implementations may take up to 1 day. Following setup, the system is live.

The solution is priced as a monthly subscription based on the size of each client’s LCBO business. Clients can add as many users as necessary at no extra charge.

There is no minimum subscription period. Clients may end the service any time with a 30-day written notice.

Clients can certainly build a SWIG Alerts-like tool, however the cost would be significant and the development timeline could take years. Our subscription model allows for mature, time-tested functionality to be rapidly deployed at a fraction of the cost. It also allows for clients to leverage our expertise. SWIG Alerts was designed and built by industry experts.

Clients sometimes use SWIG Alerts to complement their existing tools. Why?

  • it plugs functionality gaps that exist in other tools.
  • it’s easy to use.
  • Implementation is quick.
  • it’s affordable.

SWIG Alerts’ functionality has grown over the years to include the following components.

  • Alerts Module
    • Inventory alerts
    • Product listing alerts
    • Stagnant inventory alerts
    • Top 20 stock out instances
  • Reports Module (40+ and counting)
    • Inventory reports
    • Product reports
    • Promotion reports
    • Sales reports
    • Forecasting reports
    • Stock Out Impact reports
  • Explorer Query Module
    • An ad hoc query tool that accesses your historical LCBO data
    • A PDF Report Builder that exports query results
  • Stock Out Impact Module
    • Your company’s estimated lost sales due to stock outs

Yes. SWIG Alerts’ modular design allows the software to be configured to meet each client’s specific needs. If a client wishes to only subscribe to the Reports module, for example, we can configure the software to only display Reports and to hide other components.

Yes. Every day, SWIG Alerts recalculates the number of days supply of each of your company’s products at individual LCBO stores. It also forecasts the number of days supply at each LCBO warehouse!

This module estimates your company’s lost sales due to stock outs within your selected timeframe. Despite all your best efforts, stock outs can (and do) happen. The Stock Out Impact module will display lost sales and identify the most problematic stores and products.

Yes. System uptime exceeds 99.9%. The software can be accessed 7 X 24 X 365 days a year.

System performance is one of our key strengths. SWIG Alerts can retrieve and deliver huge amounts of data with great efficiency. Users basically have the entire LCBO database at their disposal, whether at the office or on the road.

Yes, it is. The SWIG Explorer mobile app is included in all subscriptions. The data delivered to your device mirrors the data displayed on the desktop.

Yes. We offer a free 30-day trial after we receive your approval to process your data.

Client feedback has been instrumental in the development of SWIG Alerts. We welcome all comments and suggestions. Suggestions are typically evaluated in terms of practicality, data availability, complexity, and turnaround time. Note that we tend not to build custom features to satisfy one or two clients. When features are added, they typically go into effect across the board so that all clients can benefit.

Yes. Onsite and/or remote training is included with each subscription. Though the software is intuitive, introductory training will highlight key features and accelerate learning.

The SWIG Team can be reached by email, phone, through links on / websites, or on the SWIG Explorer mobile app. We normally respond to all inquiries within a few hours. Problems are usually resolved within 24 hours.

Yes. Companies can designate their own “Company Administrator” which gives that person authority to add/change/disable users, reset passwords, and maintain LCBO store assignments. For companies that prefer not to take on this responsibility, SWIG can maintain your company’s users within the software.

Alongside the LCBO, SWIG Alerts works with the Quebec (SAQ), Manitoba, and Saskatchewan liquor boards. It also connects to The Beer Store in Ontario.